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It began as an idea for a feature film and grew into an inspirational movement. Brothers Young Productions has developed the Untapped brand into a meaningful online property with an ever growing fan-base. The Untapped Movement produces inspirational content in the form of Short Videos, Graphics Memes, and other various media. As it stands, the journey for users is muddled and complex and exists primarily on Facebook. 

• engage + streamline user experience
• allow users to easily discover + interact with content
• integrate a final action in user engagement
• easily trackable metrics

surveys, social media polling, guerrilla Interviews and conversations, contextual observation, competitive analysis, general research, A/B Testing

age demographic of the users, client is not the user, currently social media only, 3 week timeline, platform constraints, March stakeholder rollout

What I did
collaborated on solutions for responsive site through aglile work process, project management, organized and produced shared digital design assets, digital survey creation, user flows, user testing + surveys, general research on stakeholder needs and requests, process and test documentation, medium to high fidelity comps, digital prototyping, keynote presentation deck, promotional video reel demo, sole producer of Untapped mobile app

Sketch, Marvel, Axure, Photoshop, After Effects



We kicked off the Untapped Movement with our stakeholder meeting, below is a sampling of some the questions we asked. The answers from our session allowed us to gain insight into what our clients needs were, as well as get an an initial sense of who their users were.

Tell us in your words the story behind Untapped and what are your goals? 
Create content in tandem with the marketing effort, in essence cultivate an audience for the actual film. The film at this point would not be the end goal, it just becomes a piece of that puzzle. The film is a narrative not a documentary, and in essence is a product of the marketing effort of the Untapped movement. If the movie is never made, the vision is to grow Untapped into its own brand, a brand that raises a social consciousness + embodies that purpose.

We want to an cultivate audience, bring them to a point of sale. We want to understand that audience, how they utilize social media, how they interact with content, what drives the purchase.
In regards to sharing, who’s more likely to share and what. In regards to Facebook specifically, we want to know what resonates with the market. Right now content doesn’t lead to other content, we want to create an experience that lets them stay on Facebook, to continue to discover things, to go from one media to the next. To encourage and inspire others via quotes and memes. Untapped seeks to encourage and inspire others everyday.

What methods have you used or are currently using right now to engage users? 
Facebook is the main focus in social media. We want to know what resonates with what customers.

Tell me about your current demographic?
Currently we have 2 kinds of users, one we group we call our "top down" users: these are the influencers; parents and dance teachers, about 90% of them are female and most engage in groups on Facebook. Our second group are our "bottom up users" these are the younger girls, ages are 10-18, 18-25, we find they are predominantly active on Instagram.

What would you need to take away from this experience? 
A model that streamlines how users experience our content, while reaffirming the core messaging. We want to have users participate in campaigns and share... to eventually become advocates for the cause.

What is your ultimate goal?
Our ultimate goal is to build a bridge, develop a project and give them 6 mos with some guidance and bring it over to the marketing department. There we would distill the themes for the project, decide whether something is inspirational, motivational, etc and begin building content for a specific audience. From there our marketing team would help plan and develop a product, essentially cultivating an audience for a specific cause whether there is a film in place or not.

How would you personally define success for this project?
We need to get an email from people, and be able to build a system that allows users to discover our content.


After getting an initial understanding of our stakeholder needs. We needed to understand what kind of information we could garner from Facebook in regards to user activity, as well as whether or not we would be able to change how users experienced content on the platform. We familiarized ourselves with the current traffic and back end metrics of the site and began testing with users to see what pain points they were actually experiencing.


Through a series of recorded screen tests and observing how users discovered the Untapped movement from it’s Facebook page, we found the the feeling of “disjointedness” was not coming from the restraints of the platform, but namely from the content and the messaging, and the relationship between the two.


Content Strategy

From our initial rounds of testing we discovered that the frustration users had, this claim of the journey being "disjointed and muddled" was an experience users had with the content itself, not with how Facebook specifically handles the content. Users knew where to find videos, where to find pictures, and the about page, what they struggled had to do with the messaging.

Pain Points

  • Unclear user path objective

  • Lack of diversity in regards to age and race

  • Inconsistent messaging

  • Content without contextual support

Desired Features

  • Clearer description under the “About” tab, greater clarity on what the movement, who it's for

  • More descriptions above photos and videos

  • Closed captioning on videos for people who can’t listen to audio

  • More personalized content

  • More variety of content

  • Greater diversity

Facebook at its simplest, is a platform for content. From our testing we were able to test and see what users pain points were with Untapped's content. We provided suggestions to Brothers Young Productions in in regards to helping alleviate some of their users pain points:

Consistent messaging matters
Users notice disconnects in content and messaging on a subconscious level, this is the “disjointedness” that is happening. Making sure what your messaging says aligns with what you convey will instill more trust with users and give them a clearer sense of what your trying to say and who your speaking to.

Closed captioning
Many users noted that the videos posted would benefit from closed captioning, citing the fact that they are not always in situations where they can listen to audio.

Start a conversation
Ask conversation starting questions and ask users to share their opinion or weigh in on something, or simply make your presence known by liking or responding to what your users post.

Contextual support helps
People generally skim through content, although there is content everywhere they do not have a context as to why they should click on it and the end up not engaging with it. Seek to create a relationship between the person in the content and the person behind the computer.

Things like adding a caption or summary next to an image or video has proven to engage users than having no context at all.

Vary your content
User commented that they expected to see more variety once they learned what the movement was, not just “skinny white chicks” as one user commented. In other words, more diversity in regards to body, sex, race, and dance genre, to be consistent with your messaging.

Post a variety of relevant features that may talk to your audience, facts in the form of questions, specials rewards.


After troubleshooting what was the core problem on social media was, we found through social polls and observing users, that the website was the second “go-to” to drill down on information from the home page was. 

From of pool of 38 testers that we tested from our social media polls we found that 84% sited a website as being the first place they would like to find information on “Untapped”, the other 13% sited Facebook, and 3% sited Instagram.

Additionally 3 out 4 testers went to the website in attempt to get a better understanding of what the movement was. Despite many of our testers looking at the website, they inevitably went back to the Facebook page in order to gain additional clarity and browse content, this led us to believe that their current website had pain points. See screenshots below.

An Opportunity
Despite Untapped having a website, there was very little interaction taking place. Upon landing on the home page, there is an immediate call to action to "Stay connected" with very little contextual support — What are users supposed to stay connected to? The same pain points that presented itself on its Facebook page were also found on the website.

The Proposal
A responsive website with clearer messaging and call to actions, would enable users to enjoy media in a more seamless way. The majority of Untapped media is on Facebook, but social media presence is only one part of the equation.

We met with our stakeholders and proposed the idea of having their website being the epicenter of the Untapped Movement. Additionally, integrating social media plugins from Facebook and Instagram into the development of the site would provide additional ways to track what users are consuming from existing metric structures already in place.

They could use existing social media plugins as a means to socialize the content from their website, bringing traffic to their social platforms and vice versa; creating a kind of content ecosystem between where they housed their content and where its fans socialized it.

Competitive Analysis

A lot of our research involved looking at other models similar to Untapped and studying what they’ve done to engage users. Humans of New York, although not dance related has built and cultivated a community of followers united by a interest in learning the stories of others, their social media platform leveraged tumblr and remains as a website on Tumblr.

We looked to The Ballerina Project in regards to the structure, how they share information and updates, as well as how they supplement their cause with incentives, how they monetize on selling things like prints, etc..

The Brothers Young Production team was already in progress of creating new website concepts. We consulted with the team to help them iterate on ideas for the new site. In addition we tested designs and gathered social media behavioral data with their demographic.



We needed to test the sites with the demographic that would be consuming it to see what was working and what was not. We went to Georgia Ballet to collect data on dancers from the ages of 10 up to 25, as well as the community that fosters the talent; mothers and dance instructors. We handed out surveys related to social media usage and gathered general feedback on what kind of content they would like to see.

See the survey results here. While there, we also tested their reactions to the current pages of the site and pages in development.

General Feedback

Sampling is from both demographic groups

  • Many felt “some kind of mission statement” was needed

  • Felt there was confusion as to whether this is a film or something else, many had heard of the movement because of the auditions that had taken place locally.

  • One person felt that the Untapped movement could stand to maybe put messaging on their site in respect to where there are in the development of the film and/or auditions that had taken place

  • Some felt that there credibility was damaged because they were not followed up with

  • Expects to see a short stories on the home page

  • Wants photos that look professional versus ones that may appear as though they were snapped by dancers themselves

  • Likes context associated with the photo, rather than no backgrounds at all

  • Gravitates towards photos that look as though “there’s a story behind it”

  • A way to view dancer stories by region

  • Prefers to have some more detail when hovering over image

  • Wants to see some more ballet specific kinds of photos

  • One commented that they being moms of dance kids are very comfortable around partial nudity and things like that, but felt as though some would maybe would be offended or find some of the photos to be off putting or risqué.

  • They would most likely share a story that they felt was positive and inspiring.

  • Did mention having useful tips and tools for dancers and the dance community would be great, sited an example of the stretch bands that had blew off on twitter.

  • Sited most of the “old people” are on FB and kids are instagram

  • Said they wished to see more diverse kinds of dance represented

  • Someone mentioned wanting to be able to see more stories of what people behind the scenes in dance do and their roles and place in the community

  • See stories of influencers.

  • The dancers range from ages 10 - 15 they like the fact that when they hover a thumbnail, they can see where they are from

  • The younger girls get really excited when they see someone from Georgia, they check to see if they know them. They seem to generally like lots of photos

  • Felt like explanation was missing from the home page.

  • More likely to share video

  • Like scrolling to see videos, rather then thumbnails because "it's just bigger"

  • When asked what they would like to see more of, one commented “just more”

  • One girl commented after scrolling and clicking around that she’d like to see more diversity

  • The same girl mentioned that she seeks out people’s stories that she can connect to, “it’s cool because you feel more connected, drawn to someone”

  • One wished to see more quotes

  • Wished to maybe see more topics related to their dance idols, one girl cited Misty Copeland


User Flow

User Journey


Version 1

Version 1 focused on having the "stories" component as the main focal point of the site as well as an immediate call to action after entering the site. This version of wireframes utilizes existing social media API s' (Instagram gallery, and Facebook plugins) as a means to socialize the content, bringing traffic to their social platforms but also pinging back to the site itself, creating a content ecosystem between where Untapped housed there content and where its fans socialized it.

Version 2

Version 2 focused on having a blog feature appear first and incorporated trackable email signup feature, Privy.

We met with our stakeholders to discuss the wireframe versions we had created based off of our research.

We met with our stakeholders to discuss the wireframe versions we had created based off of our research.

Responsive Website

After meeting with our stakeholders to review our versions, we came up with our third and final version, which was a blend of the 2 wireframe versions, all of version 1 with the additional blog feature and Privy integration from version 2. View clickable prototype here.

The Mobile App

With 90% of users siting mobile as their primary device, the mobile app was a future feature that I developed based off our web research and final round of testing for the site. The adapted interface allows users to have a more discoverable experience that enables them to experience a wide variety of content in a scrollable and seamless manner.

Created with Sketch, Marvel, Quicktime + After Effects.


We went back to Georgia Ballet and tested the revised version of the site. We initially tested on desktop but later tested on mobile. Here was the feedback:

  • Many commented its rare for them to actually browse on desktop

  • Some of the girls are only allowed to browse on a tablet and or have restrictions on what they can share on social media, some said they are allowed only on pinterest

  • Liked that it was very clean, modern, easy to get through

  • Liked in stories how you have the ability to scroll and then sift through the pictures

  • Some of the younger girls did not realize the menu is at the top for mobile

  • Like the photo choices

  • Everyone liked the cover page, most people were able to get a general sense of what it was, but all did click through regardless, there were some that wished for more information on the cover, but then there were others that felt the photos and the 1 line was sufficient.

  • Another mentioned they liked that the social media presence icons on the cover page

  • 12 preferred landing on the stories page, 5 preferred landing on the blog page, one person mentioned you were less distracted on the stories page.

  • When asked how they would share, many people clicked the default share button that squarespace provides

  • Some found it confusing that there were multiple ways to share on the blog page

  • Everyone universally loved memes and videos, many wish there was a way to share the memes on the page, when Instagram was mentioned many shook their head and said that, they would most likely share it that way, some mentioned they’d like the ability to just send it as a url.

  • Everyone liked the idea of a feed/blog being on the site, they liked the variety and the fact that you can see the most up to date things.

  • Everyone also liked the stories, on mobile, some were not clear that the pictures also had stories behind them though, they liked the pictures and felt that it “draws you in”

  • Another person said the most important thing about your site should be the first page people land on and went on to say they felt that stories would be that for us.

  • Another person mentioned it might make sense to have the about page first or having videos.

What we achieved

Brothers Young Productions wanted their fans to easily experience “Untapped media”. This was implemented in tandem with incorporating suggested content strategies based on a cross platform approach to reach their audience through various points of contact. We designed a responsive website using Squarespace, their current web publishing platform that included the following:

  • Incorporation of mission statement, and initial cover page to establish clarity

  • Clear call to action on pages

  • Greater contextual cues

  • trackable metrics from existing social media outlets

  • ping backs to and from social media outlets

  • simple, easy to user interface with scrollable, intuitive gestures

Since the launch of the new site, Brothers Young Productions has reported that they have seen a dramatic increase in engagement from its users. A reported 5-6 unsolicited story submissions have come in each day since the new site went up. There have also been an increase in number of views and traction on their Facebook page with the addition of closed captioned videos and other engagement suggestions.

Suggested Future Features:

User Feedback

“I like that the stories are of real dancers!”

“I really love the positive messages they are sending to young girls. This is something I would love to show my daughters.”

“The site is very clean and modern. I like that it is easy to navigate.”

“Oh, I love the videos… I need to watch all of these.”

“I LOVE MEMES. I want to see more memes, they are my favorite.”

Client Feedback

Wanted to say thanks again for hooking us up with General Assembly. The process has been delightful and Theresa and Jenna are both rock stars. Thanks! -Matthew Young, Director and Executive Producer at Brothers Young Productions

We loved working with them. They were as much in the field with dancers as they were hands on with us ... We’ve already taken some of their suggestions and have seen an increase in engagement.” -Gabby Pickle, Producer @ Brothers Young Productions

“Great. I couldn’t be more pleased with the whole engagement!" -Mac McGuire,President and Executive Producer @ Brothers Young Productions

"Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciated the UX team and to say what a wonderful job they did. I would recommend them to any prospective employer without hesitation -Mac McGuire,President and Executive Producer @ Brothers Young Productions