Grow my list, Sell more stuff

They’re a hometown hero here in Atlanta, they're also one of the world’s leading marketing automation and email service providers. Always a champion for the underdog, Mailchimp wants to make life easier for small business owners by empowering them with the tools and inspiration to grow their business. Learn More

Understanding the path to conversion

Currently dealers don’t have an optimal way to track which channels are driving sales. This is problematic because dealers are unable to measure how campaigns are actually performing. Signal is a multichannel attribution and analytics suite created specifically for the unique needs of automotive dealers. Learn more

An MVP beta version was released at the end of August ‘18 and is currently in use with a group of 250+ subscribers. Signal in just a short time has already gained recognition in automotive with featured articles in MarTech Today and Forbes.


Coca-Cola currently has a companion app for their widely successful Freestyle vending machines. Our improvements to the app leverages some of its current features and adds additional value by introducing new ways to discover, rank and share beverages in a fun and easy way. Read the case study

Mobile app and smartwatch demo for Coca-Cola Freestyle. Turn the sound on.


Citizen Supply is Atlanta's marketplace for curated artisan goods whose mission is to connect artists and makers to consumers. They are looking to design an e-commerce microsite focused on attracting a very specific user. The goal was to work with the information architecture and interface design to produce a microsite that satisfied the needs of our users while conveying the brand’s overall look and feel. Read the case study

Mobile microsite demo "Male Citizen" for Citizen Supply. Turn the sound on.


The Untapped Movement produces inspirational content in the form of short videos, graphics memes, and other various media targeted towards the dance community. As it stands, the journey for users is muddled and complex and exists primarily on Facebook. Our task was to streamline the users journey and increase engagement. Read the case study

Mobile site demo for "The Untapped Movement". Turn the sound on.